Academic Certificate Design

Academic Certificate Design

Academic award certificates are documents distributed by an educational institute to show that a person has successfully completed specific educational requirements or has passed a qualification test. Award certificates should portray professional elements of design, creativity, and authenticity from the granting institute. While there are no set regulations pertaining to the contents or design of a certificate, there are numerous guidelines and templates available. If your organization’s goal is to author a custom award for students, begin by identifying the elements that make up the certificate. Here are some typical design elements:

  • Certificate paper
  • Institute name
  • Full name of the award recipient
  • Description of the award
  • Award type (Diploma, Certificate, Achievement, Job Title, etc.)
  • Seals of authority or labels
  • Date of recognition
  • Signature of granting authority

Determine the message of your certificate and other elements such as institution title, professional seals of approval, institution seal, and signature block. Fit these content elements of the certificate in a balanced, center-justified layout. Enter the institution name or award title on the top line on either a single plane or a curved path.

Write a short script that identifies the full name of the person receiving the certificate. For help on what exactly to write for your award, perform an internet search for the term “certificate verbiage” and study the various wording options. Provide the signature block of the person or persons who formally asserts that the recipient has achieved the award.

If you have seals of authority or labels to place on the award, design space into the template to accommodate those in a manner in which the text symmetrically flows around those elements. Some seals may be embedded in the design and printed on the paper or applied after the award is printed. See an example of a completed certificate. I know, it’s dull but print on parchment paper and add your institute’s seal and I will look great.

Remember, the award you hand to the recipient represents your institution and may be hung with pride for all to see. Invest some time into developing a certificate for a long lasting impression or hire a professional to design it for you.