Download ArrowThis page contains a growing list of downloads and resources I find valuable in the various fields of web design, graphic design, information design, and instructional design. Browse and download any of the files provided here for your personal or business use. Where applicable, replace EMD logos or trademarks with your own.


This MS Word template is designed to accommodate most user's needs for a professional business document style. It has predefined paragraph and character styles all identified in the contents. This template contains the instructions used for other this and other Word documents on this page.


This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) template provides information on how to write SOPs for your organization. The design is simple, straightforward, and will get you a head start on developing a stand set of SOPs.


Delivering onsite training has its own set of challenges. Each facility has different layouts and access to the necessary serves required to support onsite training. This document helps establish requirements of the site and some agreements between the trainers and the training location to deliver effective training. Customize per your requirements.


Use this document as a starting point for new project developments. Use the training plan as the foundation upon which training course is designed to justify expense, time, and effort required to create the training course.


Distribute this document to the trainees for them to use as a roadmap to the course content and schedule. This document should follow the content identified in the Training_Plan.docx document.


Use this document to start your assessment project. It contains some helpful tips, advice, and some sample questions for you to begin developing a test, quiz, or assessment.


A simple form that automatically sums total project hours for each day and total hours of the week.

Vector artwork of warnings, cautions, and information icons that you may use in your documentation projects. This Samples PDF shows the various convention styles. The zip file contains ai, eps, and pdf files.


Here is the template I use for my resume. It contains specific paragraphs styles to keep your text format consistent. There are many resume websites that can help you in for writing efforts. Once you know what you want to write, put it in a reliable and professional looking format.