EMD Design Categories

Development of any project fits into one of three distinct design categories: electronic, print, or information. While your work request may include one or all of these categories, each deliverable is treated as an individual project optimized for a specific audience, technology, or use. See the Services page or the list located on the right side of this page for more information about the types of development we perform.

Electronic Media Design

Electronic Media DesignElectronic Media Design encompasses all content presented in electronic format, such as web sites, web based training, electronic documents, audio, video, and graphics published in the virtual domain. These content deliverables are the heart and soul of the content developed and is the name of the business.

Print Media Design

Print Media DesignPrint Media Design includes physical artifacts or items you can hold in your hand such as business cards, large format banners, flyers, technical manuals, or corporate letterhead. We are well versed in these and documentation design and development of training job aids, technical guides, user manuals, business forms, and many other hard copy products.

Information Design

information DesignInformation design is the planning, structuring, and organization of information in a way that is efficient for people to locate. And in many cases, where to put information. Information may be contained in a web site, user guide, training manual, or business process flow. Examples of information design include web site navigation, content management systems; such as Joomla or WordPress, how software documentation is presented in a manual, and even details like where form fields appear on a business or medical form.