Web Site Design and Development

Web Site DesignA web site is an inexpensive medium to publish information about your business, product, or service and is the preferred method for searching for products and services. We develop responsive web designs for Joomla and WordPress platforms to make your content fit the mobile device or computer for the best possible presentation. The best part about these platforms are that n technical knowledge is required to update or add content.

Joomla / WordPress Websites

Joomla and WordPress, both content management systems (CMS), are software applications designed for the Web. Joomla and WordPress keep track of all content on your web site. This content is organized and maintained by a database. Content ranges from text, photos, music, video files, and other documents.

The advantage of using a Joomla or WordPress web sites is that it you do not need technical skills or knowledge to manage and update content. Instead, the CMS software manages all your content. This is the perfect web site for businesses that need frequent updates, a forum, or Blog. The Joomla and WordPress CMS are a very popular, flexible, robust application and perhaps more important, free.

The look and feel of your web site is entirely up to you. Choose a template of your liking from any vendor which sells Joomla or WordPress templates or have us create a custom front end design for you. Learn more about these two platforms visit the Joomla web site or the WordPress web site.

Packages Offered $595 to $1095

Two packages of Joomla and WordPress web sites are offered. Both packages offer a powerful CMS and ability to expand as your company grows and business demands increase.

Basic Joomla or WordPress Website Design Package $595

A basic web site design package enables your business thrive on the Web with the same quality look and feel of any large corporation. Identify or purchase any Joomla/WordPress template of your choosing to be implemented and developed. Template cost and images are not included in the price.

  • Installation of the Joomla or WordPress platform
  • The template of your choosing (See Joomla/WordPress template resources below)
  • Create five place holder pages for your content
  • Create three categories for your articles
  • Create three place holder posts for your blog
  • Contact page with submission form
Basic WordPress Features Basic Joomla Features

Advanced Joomla or WordPress Website $1095

The advanced web site package offers the same benefits as the basic package and includes extended features to enable special functions. 

Extended features are add ons to the standard installation of Joomla and WordPress. While these features are different for each platform, we believe it is essential to install these on every web site to provide a truly full feature package that enables your web site grow with minimal development effort.

You are not limited to these extended features. Many features are available for a variety of functions and capabilities. Just ask and we will do the research to identify the best feature to support your requirements.

* not included: not all web sites require these features; however, if your site requires it, these plugins can be added for an additional fee of $50.00 each.

Advanced WordPress Features Advanced Joomla Features

Custom Front End Web Design $325

Front end web design focuses on the elements of a web site as it is presented in web browser. Some clients purchase templates while others desire a custom template that fits their business needs. In both cases, clients can maintain the content and update without outside involvement.

If you cannot find a template of your liking, we can create a design specific to your needs. Contact us for consultation and to get your web site project started.

Your Web Site Control Panel

cPanel DemonstrationAccess your web site with the cPanel. See a HostGator demonstration for a look at the features of this tool.

Joomla and WordPress Template Resources

Search through the many templates offered by these resources. We recommend these vendors because of their outstanding quality and support. If you do not locate a template of your liking, contact us to develop a custom design.

What You need to Launch a New Web Site

If you are thinking about launching a web site, you may wonder how to get started. Here are six steps to get you started in your research.

  1. Identify and choose a domain name. Your domain name does not need to be the same as your business although it helps. There are various online tools to search for and register a domain name.
  2. Choose a web host. There are numerous hosts available to you, but we recommend HostGator.
  3. Choose your platform. After the domain name is registered and the web host is setup, the construction of the site can begin. This is where we determine, based on your needs, what platform best suites your business, Joomla or WordPress content management system. The development phase is where the structure, layout, and design are developed.
  4. Choose a template. Now, you need to determine if you want to use a template from a third party or have us design a template tailored to your application.
  5. Enter Content. After the web site is functional, it is time to enter content articles, blog post, images or other media. This is also when you may begin the SEO work.
  6. Deploy the site to the world wide web.

Still uncertain? Contact us and we will get you started.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain may have up to 67 characters, but a shorter domain name is easier for your visitors to remember, easier to type, and easier for your visitors to spread the word about your domain name.

You can choose any unregistered domain name and purchase it as your own. Domain names may take on the name of the business or even a product. There are many articles on the Internet that discuss the pros and cons of choosing a domain name. Listed below are a few top recommendations to help get you started.

  1. Use “.com” – The .com top-level domain is the most widely used domain name extension.

  2. Keep the Name Short – The shorter your domain name is then the easier it is for your visitors to remember, the easier it is for your visitors to type, and the easier it is for your visitors to tell others about your domain name. This is a positive in marketing your web site.

  3. Brainstorm Top Keywords – choose words and phrases that best describe your what your domain is about.

  4. Don't Use Hyphens – people almost never remember to add hyphens to your domain name.

  5. One Possible Spelling – Find a domain with only one possible spelling. Many people can't spell so keep it simple. You want your visitors to remember your domain name with no doubt about the spelling.

Once you find some domain you like, check the availability at Domjax or WhoIs.Net. If you have difficulties setting up a domain name, work with us on your website project. The available domain name can be purchased and managed as part of your web development project.

Choosing a Web Host

You may choose any web host you prefer. After sign up, you will be given access to your control panel (cPanel). The cPanel enables you to manage, access, create, and modify your own web site. Once you are logged into cPanel, you can control sub domains, email addresses, passwords, and much more.

We recommend HostGator for hosting your web site. They are highly reliable and provide many useful tools for you to mange your web site. Select this link to view more web host companies.